Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A wonderful day for a ride at Mohawk!

It was good to see everyone who made it to Mohawk today. What an awesome day for a ride. There were seven of us that made it, including Christiana, Rita, Anita, Paula, Leila, Marion and myself. Lil was her usual self at Mohawk. She didn't care for the water crossings but she was obedient. About half way through the two hour ride she thought we should turn back and go to the trailer... :) but once again she was obedient. Rita rode Winstan, Leila was riding Reeses, Marion rode Comet, Christiana rode Ardie, and Paula and Anita rode a couple of Paula's horses. Sorry their names escape me right now but they were very awesome guys on the trail.
If it works I'm including a picture. Hope the rest of the week goes by fast so we can all hit the trail again as soon as possible.
Happy trails!

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