Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Dilutes

Kale was home for a really short visit this weekend and he made it to the Dressage Schooling Show Championships yesterday afternoon in time to see my second ride. Then he watched football with Steve last night and this afternoon he rode Sister while Alaina rode Sunny and I rode Splash before he headed back to Stillwater. You know Sunny is a palomino (single dilute of a sorrel/chestnut) and Sister a perleno (double dilute of a bay). I thought they looked good together in the winter grass on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Sister did pretty well at the walk/trot and on the trail.... But, cantering was not. Lots of kick-outs, crow-hops and other expressions of filly irritation. It was a fun ride anyway. Since I was riding the range at the Wild Orban Ranch, I missed the YaYa ride at Rita's but managed to sneak in a little social/snacking time with the gang for an hour or so... YaYa!

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