Sunday, November 9, 2008

4 Days in a Row

Splash says he is really tired after working 4 days in a row. Thursday night - Ride Night and 4 little girls took turns riding him; Friday afternoon and Ivy took a ride; Sat. and I rode Splash in the lesson at Patty's; and Sun. Ivy rode again. Splash says "enough already!"
Really, Splash is slowly (very slowly) making progress. He also was worked at Patty's Monday night while Ivy and Alaina had a lesson. His steering is much improved and I think I will ride him next year for ODS schooling shows.

The lesson yesterday was shorter than normal because Marsha and I worked so hard as did our mounts. After warm up for horses and People, Marsha and I worked on a large circle together spiraling in and out trying to stay on opposite sides of the circle. Not as easy as it sounds. Splash moves off my leg fairly well, but slows to slug-speed whenever he can and a circle gives him his big chance to fizzle all energy. After the circles, we tried for extension along the long side and collection along the short. Although not really extended, Splash did give me some lovely trot work and was more consistant than he has been. We are getting more moments with give to the bit but still need a bit more work there - haha. Then, canter work which went without a buck and only a couple of dropped gaits. After that, we both got tired and the impulsion left the building with Elvis.

Today, Mallory and Roxanne come over with Raffles and Trouper. My arena is a little small for 5 riders working at once, so we took turns cantering. Mallory and Raffles looked lovely together and all 3 junior riders were looking good too. Ivy worked Splash and Alaina rode Diez in Jaime's old saddle (so her feet don't fit the stirrups yet). I worked Sunny and all I can say is Yikkes - rough canter especially since Sunny would like to express himself with bucks or crowhops at the canter. But he settled down and we ended with a very nice trail ride around the Wild Orban Ranch. The day was beautiful - cool but no wind. I would like to order up weekend days just like this one until spring springs. YaYa for now. c

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  1. Wow! What an awesome horse he is becoming! Moves to match those looks... :)