Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a Sad Story

But there is a happy ending:  YaYaRiders II

Blogging this past summer has been a challenge.  I know you won't believe it, but I have posted a few photos.  And, although there is supposed to be unlimited photo storage on Blogger (so long as you don't use Picassa), I can't seem to solve the dreaded problem of limited photo storage.  I don't use Picassa on purpose, have tried to remove the program from my old computer (I think I was successful), deleted duplicate photos, struggled with the limit every post.  No good.  So when the issue turned up again (like a bad penny) on my new computer.  I gave up.

Ya-Ya Riders is moving to a new blog:  YaYaRiders II

Visit soon and Happy Trails - YaYa!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Operator Error!

After years of English riding lessons and aspirations of moving up the levels with my horse of the hour (TC, Pico, Splash, Sister, and Splash again), I had a mad moment and decided that I wanted to ride Splash in the "trail" class at the Rogers County Fair this year.  So, Splash got to spend a few weeks with Dawn D to learn how to neck rein (he is to old for western direct reining) and I had a few western lessons myself.  I needed to learn how to hold the split reins (harder than I thought), hold my non-rein hand properly and steady (a work in progress), how to tack up (need weightlifting practice to haul the heavy saddle), how to walk in spurs (never squat), and how to hold those pesky spit reins (did I mention that?).

Well, 2 lessons on Missy were not pretty at the canter.  But I didn't fall off.  Two lessons with Dawn and we made some real progress AND I didn't fall off.  Our canter departs were all in the correct lead and we were able to canter over 4 poles!  The back through is VERY rough - my cues are to strong so Splash slings his rump back and forth bashing and rearranging poles along the way.  At the Saturday Party Lesson, we had nice trots and decent leg yields.  Canter was way to fast but leads were correct.  Then, gate practice.  I managed to drop the left rein twice.  Oops!  Then, the back-through.  A little better with my cues but I dropped the left rein AGAIN.  This is a problem I can not blame on Splash.  Super Glue?

Sunny and Pico are still in recovery so Alaina has been concentrating on Sister.  Cynthia is generously sharing Ahab with Ivy, so she is getting to ride too.  In preparation for the Fun Show to Benefit Fire Victims, Alaina needed to ride Sister bareback for Ride-a-Buck.  She gave bareback a try on Saturday and was successful although the dollar will be lost very quickly.  Ivy is working on a Horse Beard, and tried it on Sister.  Ahab will be sound on his peg-leg but I don't think the Blue Whale of Catoosa will be in danger.

Patty and Larry hosted a benefit fun show on Sunday afternoon starting with a pot luck lunch.  Then, Ride-a-Buck, Water Glass, TP Pairs, Egg-n-Spoon, and Boot Race as well as Best Groomed, costume, etc.   Splash and I won the egg and spoon!  Who knew?  I had a blast riding in the fun classes with the other Over-the-Hill gang (41 and up age group).  The temperature was over 100 but the covered arena made all the difference.  The show had a great turnout and over 8,000 dollars was raised for Oklahoma Fire Victims. 

Now - if only we can get a little cooler and ride the range again with my YaYa Sisters..... a girl can dream.