Sunday, July 27, 2008

Horseless on Sunday

Things have been a bit crazy with a trip to Houston last week and my sis Trisha in town so we have been working on my mom's house.

Sooooo, only rode Splash on Sunday and Sat. at Patty's. He was doing ok but wasn't real interested in canter work on Sunday, so when i force it, he BUCKED! Bad Splash. Our ride on Sat. was light since the temp and humidity were high. We got decent canter transitions so called it a day after each way. Most of the rest of the ride was PUSH!

More work at mom's this week with garage sale next Fri/Sat so riding will be limited. cross your fingers for a couple of rides anyway. c

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Splash in Progress

Well, Splash and I had a one-step forward, three-steps backward week. I got to ride on Monday evening and Sat. morning at Patty's and at Rita's on Thursday with the YaYa friends. Also took Splash with TC and Diez to Steph's Autism camp Friday morning and all three were very good. Transitions to right-lead canter this week were very rough at best and non-resistant at Rita's. Still struggling with dropping my inside hand because Splash bends his neck and tries to drop his shoulder on turns at the exit end of the arena. The 2-whip tango helps, but Splash is testing my coordination with them. Not one spook today which is a plus. On our trail ride at Rita's, Splash wanted to rush back to the barn but was obedient. He did slip and fall to his knees on our final hill up out of the woods but he just held still, caught his breath and got up.
Hope things go better this coming week although I have work travel and foodbank. He looks cute though.......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulous Freisians

Patty and Rita dance well together and several of us got a chance for a trip on Jurgen - Denise even tried Silka! Woo Hooo! What magnificent horses. Can I try again soon?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Splash of Salsa - 2nd Week

Well, its been a wet week so Splash was lounging in the muddy pasture without work since Tuesday. Since Steve was calling Splash "Salsa" about half the time, I decided that his ODS name will be Splash of Salsa. I think it goes with Pico/short for Tampico (as Kathy says, a spicy little number).

The fun show and schooling show scheduled at Patty's were rained out (to much mud in the pasture parking area), but we ventured to Patty's for a lovely afternoon of eating, socializing, and riding. I worked Splash after the Rocking C Drill team practiced and we had a pretty good ride. Still not getting much give into the bridle but not falling out or in to much which helps me to keep my hands more level. The secrete is the 2-Whip Tango. Riding with 2 whips has given me a good boost with both my problems or falling out and falling in. Yippeee.

AND.... I got a chance to ride Jurgen - what a blast. Although he is one powerful guy. Huge trot and rather impressive canter - I was not impressive but didn't fall off which is a great success for me. Also, Ivy and Alaina tried Jurgen out too. Alaina loved the trot but Ivy thought it was to much for her. They really did pretty well on that big guy.

Hope to ride more this week. Ya-Ya!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Splash Notes

Its been a week since I delivered Pico to Elizabeth for a sabbatical and brought Splash home for me to work on. I worked him on Monday night and Sat. morn at Patty's; Wed. night, Fri. morn, and Sunday evening in the yard; and took him to cloverbuds on Thursday evening (Kale and Christiana rode him then).

He received a 62 for a walk trot class with Patty a couple of weeks ago but Splash with me would get a low 50's at best. At the walk, he gives his head to me mostly but at the trot, it is a struggle to push him into the bridle. We have been working on keeping the shoulder from falling out on the turn and making some headway. I tend to drop my inside hand into the turn, so I am working on keeping my hands level.

On a good note, we opened and closed 2 different gates while mounted since Splash is not jumpy about much. We finish our sessions at home with a mini trail ride and Spash is a pleasure then too. Steve thinks his name could be Salsa so that may be a nickname sometimes. He has his own pasture for the moment but seems to get along fine with all the other equine residents. Haven't had a Pico update, hope he and Beth are getting along well. Hope to make more progress this week. c

Cloverbuds at Glenbrook on July 3, 2008

The setting was beautiful - the temperature and humidity were very high. Rita and Ken hosted 4-H at their place for horse fun, hot dogs and a swim party to start of the 4th of July holiday. We have the makings for a Junior/Cloverbud drill team - the kids did a great job guiding their horses in patterns around the arena. After roasting in the arena, we had roasted 'dogs and delicious cherry "cake" along with watermelon and other yummy pot luck. Then a cool off in the pool and good company. Thanks you Rita and Ken!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lovely Glenbrook

YaYa's were a dozen riders on 6/23/2008 and beautiful weather. Joan is maning the camera but we had a great ride and delicious (and excessive) food and beverage afterwards. See ya'all soon.