Sunday, July 13, 2008

Splash of Salsa - 2nd Week

Well, its been a wet week so Splash was lounging in the muddy pasture without work since Tuesday. Since Steve was calling Splash "Salsa" about half the time, I decided that his ODS name will be Splash of Salsa. I think it goes with Pico/short for Tampico (as Kathy says, a spicy little number).

The fun show and schooling show scheduled at Patty's were rained out (to much mud in the pasture parking area), but we ventured to Patty's for a lovely afternoon of eating, socializing, and riding. I worked Splash after the Rocking C Drill team practiced and we had a pretty good ride. Still not getting much give into the bridle but not falling out or in to much which helps me to keep my hands more level. The secrete is the 2-Whip Tango. Riding with 2 whips has given me a good boost with both my problems or falling out and falling in. Yippeee.

AND.... I got a chance to ride Jurgen - what a blast. Although he is one powerful guy. Huge trot and rather impressive canter - I was not impressive but didn't fall off which is a great success for me. Also, Ivy and Alaina tried Jurgen out too. Alaina loved the trot but Ivy thought it was to much for her. They really did pretty well on that big guy.

Hope to ride more this week. Ya-Ya!

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