Sunday, July 6, 2008

Splash Notes

Its been a week since I delivered Pico to Elizabeth for a sabbatical and brought Splash home for me to work on. I worked him on Monday night and Sat. morn at Patty's; Wed. night, Fri. morn, and Sunday evening in the yard; and took him to cloverbuds on Thursday evening (Kale and Christiana rode him then).

He received a 62 for a walk trot class with Patty a couple of weeks ago but Splash with me would get a low 50's at best. At the walk, he gives his head to me mostly but at the trot, it is a struggle to push him into the bridle. We have been working on keeping the shoulder from falling out on the turn and making some headway. I tend to drop my inside hand into the turn, so I am working on keeping my hands level.

On a good note, we opened and closed 2 different gates while mounted since Splash is not jumpy about much. We finish our sessions at home with a mini trail ride and Spash is a pleasure then too. Steve thinks his name could be Salsa so that may be a nickname sometimes. He has his own pasture for the moment but seems to get along fine with all the other equine residents. Haven't had a Pico update, hope he and Beth are getting along well. Hope to make more progress this week. c

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