Saturday, July 19, 2008

Splash in Progress

Well, Splash and I had a one-step forward, three-steps backward week. I got to ride on Monday evening and Sat. morning at Patty's and at Rita's on Thursday with the YaYa friends. Also took Splash with TC and Diez to Steph's Autism camp Friday morning and all three were very good. Transitions to right-lead canter this week were very rough at best and non-resistant at Rita's. Still struggling with dropping my inside hand because Splash bends his neck and tries to drop his shoulder on turns at the exit end of the arena. The 2-whip tango helps, but Splash is testing my coordination with them. Not one spook today which is a plus. On our trail ride at Rita's, Splash wanted to rush back to the barn but was obedient. He did slip and fall to his knees on our final hill up out of the woods but he just held still, caught his breath and got up.
Hope things go better this coming week although I have work travel and foodbank. He looks cute though.......

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