Friday, January 30, 2009

Kathy's New Girl

Kathy thrilled to introduce you to her new Horse named "Just call on me", Call! She is an 11 year old mare and is the special horse of Kathy's friend Linda Elkins in California. Call is the ONE!!!! Kathy is making the arrangements and should have her in Oklahoma by mid-Feb. Anyway, she is a Paint Mare, Chestnut overo with minimal white with a killer jog and trot. Kathy is looking forward to seeing you from the back of her new mount.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ice Storm of Ought 9

Ice-freezing rain, sleet, and snow fell in OK for more than 24 hours and it is still snowing. So, late this afternoon, I went outside in the sleet and checked on things. It was COLD... but, with my bulky red parka and my new winter riding pants, I lasted 30 minutes or so. Poor TC is afraid of the big red blob taking video. Diez wonders why she is out of the barn. Sister takes a rabbit as a reason to run around and Splash tries to eat my parka hood. The horses got a couple of hours out in the weather before getting back in the barn for warm water and hay. The girls enjoyed the slippery slopes and tried ice surfing. They had to much fun after getting a little cabin crazed inside all day. No school again tomorrow, roads permitting, I might go in to the office to work. Stay warm - yaya.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sad Story

My sad story is that I haven't been on the back of Splash, Pico or any horse since last weekend. So, no news on the training front. The good news is that Kathy B found and bought her new horse. A mare named Call, 11 year old paint that is a dream to ride. After fresh coggins are obtained, Call will be headed to OK and her new home at Painted Acres. Woo Hoo. Congrats Kathy.

I was in New Mexico for work last week and I did see many horses as I was driving from hotel to plant.... There is also a racino in Farmington, but I didn't stop in. I did see petroglyphs - this one could be a horse.... or not. Ya Ya.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spring in January

After missing 2 Saturday party lessons in a row because of frigid temps, we got a lovely weekend. Sunshine and low 50's both Sat. and Sunday - yeah! So, Marsha, Kathy, Krystal, Ivy, Alaina and I rode at Patty's at 11ish. Ivy tried Pico and Alaina had her second lesson on Sunny. Alaina is doing really well with Sunny and Ivy is getting used to Pico. Slash and I had some lovely trot work - I think he was interested in Lily whenever she was ahead of him, but I take what I can get. Our canters need more work as always. I LOVE that Neck Stretcher! Then we lunched at Graham's and the girls and I went back to Patty's and watched Patty and Denise on Silka and Jurgen. Wow! Frisians are Fabulous!
Today Ivy and Alaina had a couple of friends over to ride - Macy and Linsey. The girls rode in the arena and then did a little trail ride up front and down back. Then they chased chickens and did whatever outside while Macy's mom (Amanda) rode Diez and I rode Splash a little. Then Linsey's mom Susan got a quick ride on Diez when she came to pick up Linsey. Diez gave Susan a nice little canter. Very fun.
Tomorrow I head off to Farmington NM for a weeklong audit of one of the Williams' plants. I will miss Steve and my babies as well as my 4-legged friends. I am looking forward to our next yaya ride - yet to be scheduled.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roller Coasters and Weather

The weather is a roller coaster. We have lovely blue skies and warm sun and light breezes on weekdays only to have a front come in a little early and freeze our party lesson into a lunch only event. So, the wind howled and the temp was 24 degrees Sat. morning. The gang tried out a new restaurant in Catoosa called La Maison (or something) - a Mexican place with really brightly painted tables and chairs and fun decorations in a S. American / colorful jungle theme. The service was good and friendly (amigo) and the chips and salsa plentiful. So we could hardly eat our meals. The girls joined us and enjoyed their first sopapilla - yummy.. We had a larger than normal group including Carol and Paul Johnson, Krystal, Ron and Kathy Burrows, Jean and Ruthie Korver, Marsha, Patty, Ivy, Alaina, and me.
After we talked, ate, talked, and ate some more, we went outside and Jean and Ruthie followed us home to ride a little. The 3 of us road Pico (Ruthie), Diez (Jean) and Splash (me). It was colder than it looked - maybe mid 30's. What were we thinking. So after a quick ride in the arena and a speedy tour around the east 4, we came inside for hot chocolate.
Today, the weather was lovely for mid-January - sunny, 50's and no wind. The girls had a birthday party in Tulsa so riding looked unlikely. But, we escaped the party around 3:30 and made it home in time for a quick ride in the pasture. Ivy decided to try Splash and so Alaina rode Sunny. Both did a good job and practiced some trail as well as a little riding. Both horses tested the steering systems but neither did anything scary. Maybe Ivy can ride Splash this year if I continue to work him. Steve is still pushing for us to move a horse or 2 on down the road but I really want to keep them all for now. We will need to buy hay soon but it is nice to have Splash in the yard to work and Pico home to ride too.
So, the roller coaster weather this week looks good until Thursday when the next front is expected and temps will drop. Lets hope for moderation of the OKIE weathercoaster and a lesson next Sat. YaYa for now. c

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cullen's last trail ride of 2008

Well I finally got Ron out on a ride (this occurs about 3 or 4 times a year)! Here we are on the back of our place behind the pond. It was an awfully nice day for a ride. Hope all are doing well and it warms up again soon!

It was good to see everyone at La Mansion today in Catoosa. The crowd that usually rides at Patty's chose to stay in today and eat instead of braving the frigid temps. Good Choice!

Happy Trails!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 3 Group Lesson

For the first Saturday in January, the weather was amazing. We gathered at Patty's and soaked up the sunshine and warmth. Cindy Harris didn't feel up to riding, so took some photos. She did a great job, don't you think?

Cathy & Splash enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Marsha & Lil were looking absolutely fabulous.

Kale joined us today. He demonstrated his own unique style.

Carol & Shiloh enjoyed the weather and the ride.

To see more of Cindy's pictures, go to and select the Rocking C Stables album. From there, go into the Group Lessons sub album.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Trail Ride

What a great way to start a new year - on the back of a horse in the company of great company. The weather was fine - 50ish and sunny, clear with a chilly breeze. Yaya's gathered at the Thorne Ranch in Adair for the annual ride to start a new year. Thanks to Joan for hosting our wander through the cattle pastures to the lovely lowland complete with pecan trees and water crossings, then on to another beautiful grassy prairie with the sun warming our backs as we headed back toward the hill overlooking ranch headquarters. After settling our horses with hay and (if lucky) blankets, we gathered in the kitchen for pot luck and more talk. What a great day - thank you friends.