Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spring in January

After missing 2 Saturday party lessons in a row because of frigid temps, we got a lovely weekend. Sunshine and low 50's both Sat. and Sunday - yeah! So, Marsha, Kathy, Krystal, Ivy, Alaina and I rode at Patty's at 11ish. Ivy tried Pico and Alaina had her second lesson on Sunny. Alaina is doing really well with Sunny and Ivy is getting used to Pico. Slash and I had some lovely trot work - I think he was interested in Lily whenever she was ahead of him, but I take what I can get. Our canters need more work as always. I LOVE that Neck Stretcher! Then we lunched at Graham's and the girls and I went back to Patty's and watched Patty and Denise on Silka and Jurgen. Wow! Frisians are Fabulous!
Today Ivy and Alaina had a couple of friends over to ride - Macy and Linsey. The girls rode in the arena and then did a little trail ride up front and down back. Then they chased chickens and did whatever outside while Macy's mom (Amanda) rode Diez and I rode Splash a little. Then Linsey's mom Susan got a quick ride on Diez when she came to pick up Linsey. Diez gave Susan a nice little canter. Very fun.
Tomorrow I head off to Farmington NM for a weeklong audit of one of the Williams' plants. I will miss Steve and my babies as well as my 4-legged friends. I am looking forward to our next yaya ride - yet to be scheduled.

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