Monday, November 24, 2008

Pampered YaYa's

Seven YaYa sisters - rode on a Sunday afternoon;

Paula rode along on a sorrel horse named Moon.
Marsha and Pico, Cathy and Splash...
Christiana and Ardie, Sherry and Jazz....
Nancy and Wisdom, Rita and Reese...
Rode into the sunset - into the breeze.

Over the culvert and up through the pasture.
The group road through the woods and splashed through the water.

Then to the back-40 down 'College' they rode.
And visited lambs wearing white winter robes.

Then finished the day with their friends, food and wine -
All back to their homes having had a great time.

PS - Thanks Rita for hosting us all and Arica for pampering us with great pasta. mmmmm.

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