Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Colors

I took off a little early today so that I could get home before dark and work Sister in the round pen. The girls 'helped' from the sidelines trying to distract Sister from her work. Considering her long break since real work, I was happy with the round pen work. After we were finished with a brief session of lounging with reins tied to the stirrups, each girl sat in the saddle while I lead them around the pen twice. Then we stopped so we could end on several good notes. I don't know when I will have the courage to get on myself. Elizabeth worked with her some last summer... but....

Anyway, when we had let Sister graze a little, the girls wanted to ride Sunny and Splash. We took Splash to ride night this week and several girls rode him - Zoe, Ivy, Lara and Abby. All did very well with direction and walk/trot. All even managed to canter both ways briefly. Splash got a workout and the kids enjoyed him. So, i was hopeful when Ivy mounted this afternoon. Alaina and Sunny had some good work - particularly with jog work. They will be quite a pair someday. Ivy and Splash did well too. Ivy took Splash over cavaletti and a v. small x-bar at the trot and had very short canters both directions. I guess we will have to get them to a lesson or two very soon. Then, we ended with a little trail ride in the evening light. Lovely.

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