Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Week After the BIG Show

Well, the Schooling show championships are past, but, with great pictures on Jeanie's website, we can relive the glory and the frozen fingers and toes ( ). My T4 had some rough spots near the start with some resistance to C. During our warm-up, while Pico was sniffing fake flowers at C, someone on the judges stand dropped a clipboard with papers making a flapping racket. Pico spooked of course and then we started our test. So.... good scores thru X and the one-loop trot serpentine and then. "not thru corner" at H and "not on track" after C.... he was trying to spook along the end and our 'discussions' looked disorganized as well as being off-track. Even so, our score for the test was 62.4 for a 3rd of 4 entries. Elizabeth had a lovely ride for her T4 and then Pico and I went in for the last test of the day. Both Patty/Dante and Nicole/Elvis stayed in the arena area so that Pico would stay calm - a really big help. Our F4 was a 60.0% and I was very happy with the Pico boy. No 8's in this test but 6 7's including the first halt at X, 2nd 10m circle, the walk and walk transitions, the first canter serpentine and the second extended canter (after a 5 for the first lengthen canter). Best of all, he showed some stretch at the walk and in the chewy circle thanks to Elizabeth's recent work on stretch.

So, today I picked up Pico from Beth's and took the boy to a lesson with Patty. Kathy was in Utah, Marsha near MO, Sherry on a Hunter Pace and Carol not feeling well so it was just me and Pico for the party lesson. We worked on simple canter changes and canter serpentines and then shoulder in along the long sides. Then, shoulder in along the short side, through the corner and then straightening across the diagonal (so far so good) then collecting before the rail and attempting to leg yield along the rail keeping the diagonal angle. Additional work needed for that last part, but we got it once so eventually, we can get it - someday. Over all, a great lesson and Pico was a really good boy. Tomorrow, to Rita's and Marsha will give Pico a try.

Then, after lunch at Simple Simon's Ivy and Alaina had a lesson, Alaina's first on Sunny. The girls made some progress with their mounts and will start coming every Sat. possible to get some regular lessons.

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