Friday, November 14, 2008

Schooling Show Championships EVE!

Marsha and Miss. Tender Lil – Lilly

Paula and Ferguson – Fergie

Denise and Jurgen fan Bluffview – Jurgen

Elizabeth and Pico

Patty and Dante

Cathy and Pico

We are all showing at the schooling show championships tomorrow. A whole day of fun with our horsey friends. Yippeee. Good luck everyone. YaYa!


  1. What a fun show day. Pico was a little furry and not clean, but he had some button braids and was trimmed a bit. For his first championship of any kind, he was pretty good. My first ride was a little tense, Elizabeth had a great ride and my second ride was much more relaxed. Hopefully, i will have pix to post soon.

  2. The championship show was a positive experience for everyone! At least it seemed to me. Some surprises, some disappointments but all in all it was a wonderful day! I have some very amateur videos if anyone wants them. I have Patty's freestyle, Cathy - two ride, Brandon - one ride, and my ride with warm-up. It is very helpful to see your self ride although it's pretty humbling... :) Get some rest gals- I'm off to bed. Very exhausted!