Thursday, October 16, 2008

The woods, the Woods, the WOODS!

The woods - the woods - the woods! Always scary, unless you're a fairy!

The hill - the hill - the hill! A troll lives there, his name is Bill!

The creek - the creek - the creek! So wet and evil it makes me shriek!

The field - the field - the field! there's nothing for it, I'm AGORAPHOBIC!

The tree – the tree – the tree! There’s something behind it, spin around and FLEE!

From Marsha - The sack...the sack...the sack!!! It might attack and break my back!!!

The shape at the end of the driveway... the shape... the shape!!! How will I escape???

The bee... the bee... the bee!!! Oh dear, I really must flee!

The clippers... the clippers... oh not so near me with those horrible snipping clippers!

From Joan - The bush … the bush… it must be haunted… Give me a chance and you'll be unloaded!

From Rita - The flag - the flag- flying high for some but for mine it is too LOW!

From Julie - The jump - the jump - behind it must be a skunk!

The cattle - the cattle - I think I will run the other way because it looks like they want to battle!

The Barn - the barn - the BARN! Very dark - AHHH Land Shark!


  1. The stream, the stream, the stream - I will jump it and make you scream.

  2. The lake, the lake, the lake.... who knows what's in it, it makes me quake.