Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday, October 11, Group Lesson - The Stars!

A different view of our group ride last Saturday. These photos focus on the stars of our rides, our horses.

Splash, Cathy Orban's mount, looks incredibly elegant doesn't he? Cathy did ride him with spurs. They had a pleasant ride with less effort and stress. Here's hoping he'll outgrow the need for the spurs as he learns to move forward more willingly. He's really starting to have some "dressage" moments!

Pico and Kathy Burrows were a pair this Saturday. Took Kathy a few moments to get his measure, then she had him paying attention. He's always a good looking fella.

After Lil loosened up, she and Marsha had a good ride.

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  1. I rode Splash yesterday to cool him down for Cathy while she rode Sunny. Marsha and I are considering adding "slug bug" to his list of pet names. He was a good guy for me, so no complaints. He's also a very broad boy. Reminds me of my Shadow, makes me feel like I'm doing splits while riding him.