Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Post from Cindy - Duchess Desires A Freisian

Yesterday Tom & I went hiking, but we were the only hikers - everyone else we ran into was on horseback! Probably at least 40 riders in groups of 2 to 8. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard the phrase, "did you loose your horses?" Ha - ha! I saw so many gorgeous ho-ho's. Sigh, trail riding is really big up here, and there are so many great state parks that are set up for riding.

On the trail yesterday, most of the horses were very calm and friendly (looking for handouts - wish I'd had some carrotts!) but a few stopped & gave us wild-eyed looks & snorted a bit before walking on by. One horse was so funny - only her second time on a trail ride & she was totally freaked out when she saw us - jumping around & spooking. The rider stayed on like glue, but her trail mates were laughing their heads off. It's so funny that humans on foot would send her over the edge. I told the group that she probably thinks that the trail monster attacked & ate our horses & that's why we were on foot!! She was a great looking horse - half Freisian & half Morgan/Quarter horse. Another group of riders tried to convince Tom that he really should start riding (HA!) They were telling him all about Tennessee Walkers. Maybe next time we're in Tusa I could somehow trick him into spending 10 minutes up on one of Sherry's or Rita's Walkers. I can dream can't I?

We miss you Cindy! EEO

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