Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Adendum

The good news is - the weather is beautiful. I really love bright blue skies and cool daytime temps and then get whimpy after dark and shiver waiting for summer. It is after the weekend, but the girls and I went to a lesson last night at Patty's so that their tests could be fresh and Patty could work with them on some improvements. They really listened and rode beautifully. TC and Diez had impulsion and were obidient (mostly) and the girls rode Pax de Duo practice and really had a good time. Meanwhile, Splash and I worked around the edges - my new combo of spurs and whip seem to be helping his response time and we had some decent transitions and minimal neck bending to avoid contact. We all worked on halt/salute transitions to end the session and Splash had some decent stop/walk transitions - of course his any gait/stop transitions are very fast if not anticipatory (no Whoa needed). So lets hope for a long fall with lots of Indian summer days. YaYa.

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