Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rocking C Halloween Show

Thanks to Rita, Patty and Larry for hosting a great show. We had a beautiful day at the Rocking C for the last dressage schooling show before the schooling show championships! Pico gave good rides to Elizabeth and me - we can all go to the SSC if I get the nerve to face that BIG - SCARY indoor arena at the Tulsa fair grounds. Christiana and Arde had a wonderful first outing, and they had fun in the costume class too.

And speaking of costume classes, we must have had the best costumes EVER. Christiana and Ivy were very impressive Knights of the realm. Alaina was an injured soldier and Miranda was a fairy ballerina. Patty was an F-15 pilot - complete with ground crew and copilot, Carol an Indian rider, Denise the phantom of the opera, Richel a funny farmer, and me - the Galloping (trotting) Gourmet. I didn't get pix for documentation but we were excessively photographed by Jeanie's photo buddies.

And! Carol and Shilo had a really good ride for their first show. And! Gabby rode Lily in their first dressage show too. They did a great job and Marsha looked good too. Really fun day! and we have the Glenbrook 4-H Halloween Fun show Tomorrow! Woo Hoo - a two horse event weekend.

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  1. An unbelievably great day! We left early and it was off to the Arabian Nationals in Tulsa for the Cullen Francisco clan. We had lots of horsey fun on saturday! I'm looking forward to the SSC at Tulsa Expo on November 15th.
    Cathy I have a cd for you with some pics and some video of your girls.