Sunday, October 5, 2008

October is here

Another week flew by with only a little riding. The girls had a lesson with Patty on Monday evening and Diez and Alaina had some good work. Ivy and TC had some issues to work through. He has put his bluff in on Ivy and she is a bit tentative when its time to canter. Patty helped by giving TC some serious lounging and then Ivy finished the lesson. Tomorrow evening we will see if Ivy can continue to be in charge.

I worked Splash while the girls were lessoning and he was fairly good. Saw some improvement on canter transitions although they still need work. Still using 2 whips and am considering spurs.

Sat. was a lovely day but Patty was at a dressage clinic so no lessons. Donna needed equine therapy so she came over and rode Pico while I worked Splash. Splash was very sluggish and I am still considering spurs. Then after lunch, Alaina wanted to ride but Ivy wanted to go Monarch butterfly hunting. So, Alaina worked Diez and I road TC in a bareback pad. TC was not the most cooperative of mounts and was having serious allergies.

Then, off to the fair to work as course setters for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Sixty some riders had 4 runs each using 10 balloons for each run. Wow - what a lot of balloons. I can see Sherry, Marsha and Rita taking up the sport. Those rides are to fast for me.

Hope we can yaya on Wed. Happy Trails. c

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