Sunday, October 12, 2008

SPURS! I tried to warn him.......

After weeks of struggle and several threats that I was going to try spurs, I did it! And, didn't get bucked off - always a plus. So, in our Party Lesson yesterday, I used spurs and was pleased with the result. Splash is not overly re-active but did give me more consistency at the trot and somewhat more responsive transitions into the canter. I am getting a little give at the pole although when I try to push harder into the bit, Splash ducks his head to the inside - always a new way to resist.

Today, Rita hosted the ODS group at Glenbrook for a show grooming clinic presented by Laurie H. and Paula W. Silver (makes anyones butt look smaller) was the patient demo horse for tail trimming, 2 kinds of braiding, ear clipping, and polishing. Jurgen helped some too with clipping and mane/tail management. They looked fabulous! Laurie recommends baby oil finishing (no drying effects) and also suggested a mix of Desetin and Furasan for scratches. And, contrary to light horse show prep, no trimming of muzzle hair, long eye area hairs, or hair in the ears. Diez will be delighted. Paula suggested a bar of benzol peroxide soap to whiten the tail - not to often since it is drying. It is great to learn new tricks. Naturally, we had yummy snacks and tea to savor during the demo.

The girls and I rode a bit at Rita's also. TC used a spooking incident to give a leap/buck combo but Ivy stayed on and worked him a little more. After the demos, Denise gave Jurgan a work out and spectators a show, Shenean gave Pico a try and the girls rode their mounts again. I walked with the girls down the hill and up into the pasture since Ivy has been a little timid after the time TC refused to calmly walk on down the trail. Beautiful Oct. day if a little windy and it sure was fun to hang with my horsey friends. YaYa!

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