Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rogers County Fair and IKE - yikkes

I am soooo happy to have blogging buddies - thanks Marsha and Carol!

The Rogers County Free Fair was on this past week and the fair just keeps shrinking. NO rides of any kind - not even the pathetic few we had last year and only 2 food vendors (one was closed half the time). Inside vendors were about half of usual and it seemed as if the basic fair entries were down as well. But, the horse show scheduled for Sat. went on and considering the major rain from IKE, was pretty well attended. Adult English entries about 4 and western about 8. I really think junior kid numbers were up and intermed. and senior about the usual. So, if the weather hadn't been so awful, we might have had a really good turnout.

Halter was Sat. am starting at 10 and Ike was in the area by then. Ivy/TC placed 4th in Qtr Horse Geldings 3 and up. Alaina/Dies were 3rd in Misc. Mares 3 and up and Ivy/Splash were grand champ Appaloosa! Woo hoo. Rita brought Jasmine the fabulous vanner pony but the judge didnt' seem to appreciate her; Jasmine was very well behaved and has a great show future. Weanling futurity entries were very light. The 4H mare and gelding classes were very large which is great since its a new class and didn't include any premiums.

The horse show (English/Western) started at 2pm and by then it was really raining. Needless to say, NO warmup in the outdoor arena (rain, mud, more rain) and the judge did not allow adequate warm up between showmanship and English. Adults who showed in western were completely out of luck. I managed to get about 2 min of warmup because I showed in my English attire so just had to saddle Splash. Also, because there was no outdoor area to wait at the gait, there were way to many horses in that small covered area. Ivy was standing by with Splash and couldn't get through to compete for Best in show after winning grand appy. Oh well, maybe next year. We did have 2 people injured by one kicking horse (incidents 2 min apart) - not good.

Changing for western was a nightmare and I didn't get back in time to warm up although Ivy and Alaina got about 5 minutes. and I had show helpers with Kathy B and Julie H. Splash was so unimpressed with my cues in a western saddle and western snaffle bridle that I resorted to spurs. He did respond then although we were not pretty. Ivy pointed out that I placed last in every class, haha, but I didn't fall off. Considering all the rain and all my work travel, I was really pretty happy with Splash - especially in English. I didn't use spurs and had only one whip and we didn't break gait and even got the correct lead both ways. Western not, but ....

Ivy and Alaina had pretty good English rides although Ivy got dumped during warmup and was a little tentative with TC the rest of the day. The judge was really awful and even DQed both walk/trot kids - one for the wrong bit and the other for not having a number on her back (not her fault since she was only 6 and at her first show). He DQ'd quite a kids through out the show including 7 of the 11 in the wst. horsemanship class several for very iffy infractions. I hope we don't have him again, he should stay at recognized shows and away from county fairs and 4-H. If he gets happy from making kids cry then he had a great day since i saw at least 4 in tears. I and A didn't cry about it (they were both part of the 7) but Ivy was outraged on behalf of two of her friends one who had a fab pattern and the other who had a really nice ride but got the wrong lead. I suggested she become a judge herself someday and do better. Rules are rules, but sometimes fun should be more important....

All in all, a very soggy day and we had to load in the monsoon. Then, a miracle! sunshine for the Fun show and Cloverbud show today. We had about 9 juniors and 2 seniors for Key-hole, egg/spoon, tennis ball poles, ride-a-buck, and surprise. only a few eggs were smashed and the kids had fun in the covered arena although the outdoor was still to soggy to ride. Marilyn rode Splash and even got canter in ride-a-buck. TC regressed and wouldn't enter the keyhole but I knew he would do that. Then! 13 Cloverbuds and 6 older 4-H members to run the show. The kids had a great time although we did have a couple of incidents. We have to prohibit spurs from child riders - who would think!

Anyway, the county fair is over and the only show 4-H has left is the Tulsa State 4-H/FFA show next weekend. I sure hope the weather is better since that will be awful at the Tulsa fairgrounds with parking eight million miles away.

Meanwhile, I can dream of the next dressage show with wonderful weather and well behaved horses and all my horsey friends and horses to hang with. I miss you already since I am off to Kansas again tomorrow.


  1. Hi. I just found your blog. I love finding new-to-me horse blogs. I've added this to my RSS Feeder.

  2. Send me the judge's name privately. I want to be sure we never hire this person. Sounds like a bona fide jerk.

    Aside from that, sounds like you all had a good day and a good time! With luck, I'll be there with you next year.