Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy Ride on Shiloh

It was raining when I headed over to Patty's this morning with Shiloh. Today is the Rogers County Free Fair show, but I'm just getting back on track, so I opted for a regular ride. The rain was lighter at Patty's, so we got to the barn without really getting wet. Shiloh was full of beans with the rain and weather changes, so that his pre-ride lounge work took a little longer. Once he was moving, he was happy. As we started under saddle, there was one moment of "I don't think so", but we got through that quickly. Shiloh was very forward and willing to go. He was really wanting to canter, so . . . today was my first day to canter since falling off of Bullet and "dinging" my bum. Everything went well - nice to be moving forward again! Fingers crossed that we will continue to make progress. I have to get better as my "girls" will be coming home from their starting under saddle training. I'll definitely be busy then .


  1. Ah Carol! I wondered about the Rogers County Free Fair today. Was getting prepared for the schooling show tomorrow that's been canceled due to IKE.

    Glad you had a good ride. Lil and I practiced at home. We'll ride at Cheryl's on Wednesday. Still working on getting all things set with the looped reins and all. Need to figure that out and get comfortable. Lil is patient with me, such a good girl she is. Gotta love a good ole quarter horse...


  2. So glad you held down the fort for us with Patty while we were off at the RCFF. Glad you are cantering again. We have the Tulsa state fair 4-H/FFA show next Sat. so I won't make our party lesson then either. Splash is SOOO sad,,,, not.