Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Lily Pond Photos

I was only at the show for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Hot, muggy, and just a little breeze. The exhibitors are amazons!!

You can see more photos of the Lily Pond show by going to http://appy2.myphotoalbum.com and selecting Rocking C Stables, then Schooling Shows.


  1. Thanks for the photos Carol. Pico has some nice moments and you caught a few. Fun with friends and horses - Equine Therapy at its best.

  2. Hello All,
    I'll try blogging from Santa Fe NM... since I've gotten myself acclimated to this new to me thing. The pics were awesome from Carol. Can't wait to get home to ride again and correct my mistakes... :) Hope everyone had fun socializing at Rita's tonight.
    See you soon!