Monday, September 1, 2008

Lily Pond and Lightning

Lucky Splash didn't get to do a lesson because i took Pico, TC, Diez and the girls to Lily Pond for a dressage schooling show. The girls had sluggomatic rides again but haven't been riding much and need some regular lessons badly. Pico was pretty good without any big spooks. Operator error because of a big storm causing distractions nearly caused a DQ in F4. The judge (Louise Waring) liked Pico in T4 and we scored 59.4 although we needed more stretch in the walk and in the trot circle at C. Louise said Pico has good gaits staying in rhythm and balance even when I don't. F4 was 56.579 - better than i expected based on her comments in the ring. I will try to work on 'bungee cord" arm connection and improving my sitting trot which was rough.

Ivy and Alaina recieved 55.5 and 54. The judge recomends that Ivy increase energy and to use full arena in circles and bends. Alaina needs to work on full circles and more forward. Roxanne had a great show onTrouper and then the girls played the rest of the day. Mallory handled Raffles really well when he spazzed at C.

Marsha and Lil had a good show with Lil much better moving than the last show. Patty had lovely rides on Silka and Dante and Denise and Jurgen did well also. Poor Elizabeth didn't feel up to riding Pico - hope she is feeling better now.

We had a lovely day today when Mallory and Roxanne brought Trouper and Raffles over and Kathy rode Pico and I worked Splash a little. With Brittany on Diez, Ivy on TC and Alaina on Sunny, we took a little trail ride around our place and then went to Goldies for lunch. Way fun.

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