Sunday, February 27, 2011

Will Rogers Classic Time Again

Ahh, the feeling after a 2-day horse show. Makes me remember how old I can feel. Somehow, I didn't manage to ride myself but Kathy rode Call two days in a row.

Poor Pico had to stay at Shipman's Vet Clinic until Wednesday when his white blood cell counts came down and he was discharged with the plan for another week of convalescence. So, since Sunny has been recovering from his foot injury, neither Alaina nor Ivy had their project horses for the Will Rogers Classic. Finally, we were able to have a couple of ride nights but I was in Kansas during the first and the girls and I were at Alegria during the second - so we planned to ride with Patty Friday night and to make mighty show preparations there. Ivy practiced showmanship with Sister and then rode Splash in a lesson while Alaina worked Casper. Then leg and tail washing and some minimal trimming since full wash was out even with hot water in the wash rack, it was 35 degrees (which for horse washing purposes is not even close to 40).

Off to the show grounds early Saturday for the start of the 2011 show season. Ivy and Alaina have moved up to the 12-14 age group and it is tough. Ivy showed Sister in Halter Mares, Showmanship, AND rode her in English walk/trot; she also showed Splash in Halter Geldings, Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation. Considering that Splash was off most of last year after his injury in May, they did fairly well. Ivy got correct lead canters and fairly good transitions - and Splash lapped the competition, beleive it or not. And, Sister was very good. They didn't place much but Ivy did a great job with both horses.

Alaina and Casper had some really good moments, and overall, the pair was very good. They showed Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, and Trail. Casper belongs to Kathy B and we made plans for Alaina to ride him in the 4-H shows until Sunny recovers. They had their first ride in January, but then the weather conspired and they didn't have another chance until last weekend for the Saturday lesson. So, they showed with 3 rides under their belts.
Sunday afternoon, Mallory, Roxanne and Maddie stopped by to hang at the show a bit.  Soon, Roxanne will have to join in the fun and then Mallory can be a 4-H horse show mom like me.  

So, Pico should be back on track for Ivy at next weeks lesson and Alaina will ride Casper until Sunny is recovered. The first dressage show of the year will be March 20 and I am planning to ride Sister, Ivy will move up to first level with Pico and Alaina wants to dust Diez off and try for the pony award. I hope that spring weather will provide some lovely days for riding every weekend. YaYa.

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