Sunday, March 6, 2011

Equine Therapy is Good

After a work trip to Denver for an environmental staff meeting, I got home Friday evening and made plans for the Party Lesson at the Rocking C.  Pico is better but Sunny is still in recovery so Kathy B brought Casper for Alaina.  I brought Splash and Sister but planned to ride Splash for the lesson and just play a little with Sister.  Casper lost a shoe so Alaina rode him lightly and then finished her lesson with Sister.

Call and Kathy looked great and when Call passed us by, Splash made an effort to keep up - even rushing a bit (mark down the date).  Alaina and Casper have really improved (it was their 6th ride together).  Casper likes to have a fairly loose rein and Alaina is slowly gaining enough confidence to give him some.  Pico and Ivy looked good and they worked on contact - pushing into the bit to gain collection.  Splash and I worked on shoulder-fore down the long side and then tried for extension/collection along long/short sides.  We got a little and really had some fairly good trot about half the time.  Right lead canter was good, obedient and not to sluggish.  Left lead canter didn't start out so well (wrong lead/falling right), but finally, we got it together.  We finished with some shoulder in and stopped before we hit Splash's wall.  Confession - I was using the GNS!

Ivy and Kathy worked leg yields both directions and I helped Alaina get Sister into the arena (she was standing by in her saddle and I had lunged her a bit before the lesson).  Alaina mounted and after a short walking warm-up, they did some trot work both directions.  Sister is still very stiff to the left and falls left at every opportunity - especially, when going left into corners.  Alaina worked hard to help support the left bend and sometimes got it.  Alaina was a bit nervous about canter work but gave it a try.  Right lead canter was pretty good after a hesitant start.  Left lead was hard - wrong lead first try but then, they got it and did a couple of big circles.  Evil Mare Ears but no kick or buck. 
Not bad, so we all went to lunch at Graham's.

Sunday the girls gathered the horses, groomed and saddled for me so we could ride in the WOR arena.  Ivy worked Pico over a series of 3 jumps - slowly raising the bar for the 2nd and 3rd.  I worked Splash with a bit of trot to warm up and then a little leg yield into canter.  Both girls decided they wanted to give Splash a try and I worked Diez while they did.  Diez pretends she doesn't bend or come on the bit, but I insisted, but not for to long since she has been in retirement for several years.  Alaina plans to ride her for Dressage shows this year, so the Dezzie Do has to get with the program.

The YaYa's will meet at Olive Garden in Owasso to celebrate the Jan/Feb/March YaYa birthdays - that will be almost as fun as riding at Rita's.

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