Monday, February 21, 2011


That's what happens when you haul Pico to the vet on a Sat. night with signs of colic. And a step up from GVBF. After two vet emergencies in January, this was not in the plan or budget (OOM).
And the weekend looked so promising. The temperature made more than a hundred degree improvement since the sub zero / excessive snow events of last week. Friday was short-sleeve weather (for anyone in winter denial; crocus blooming in front yard) and I got to lunch with Kristina and Julie in Collinsville before getting the girls from school and vaccinating the equine residents at the Wild O Ranch with 5-way and Rabies.

SPL!  And my first dose of ET for February.  Long overdue.  The girls rode at 10 with Roxie and Mattie; big girls got the party lesson at 11. Kathy B, Mallory S, Shannean F, Nancy E and me. Great lesson although Splash was resistant to resuming training. Splash did get correct leads but was irritated to be moving and Alaina got along pretty well with Casper. After the lesson, Shannean gave Sister a brief workout while Alaina tortured Casper in the wash rack. Ivy and Pico finished their lesson with some nice jumps although Pico seemed a little sluggish - but the temperature was in the 70's and with vaccinations the day before, I didn't think to much about it. We tried the new Mexican restaurant in Inola (LAL) – Susan H, Carol J and Nancy F joined us for a rather long lunch. The horses got hot in the trailers and Pico didn't eat his hay. No pile in the trailer either.

Home, put horses out to pasture before heading to Kathy's to check her show stash to get the show wardrobes worked out since the girls outgrew most everything. Success in a pair of boots and showmanship jacket for Alaina, and show shirt/pants for Ivy. Kathy will bling the shirt and I will DYE the pants dark brown. Next stop, Lake Cheval to vaccinate Mallory’s bunch with 5-way and rabies. And, Alaina gave Jody a quick ride as the sun went down.

After a late dinner, Steve mentioned that Pico hadn't eaten so I went out to check on him before getting ready for bed. HIRD

So, off to Shipman's at 10:06pm. Symptoms: respiration - 68; temperature 102.8, dehydrated, gut sounds but dry/hard manure; bright pink gums with slow capillary refill; and elevated white blood cell count. So, several needle insertions later (blood samples, antibiotic, pain reliever, etc.....) as well as administration of oil and Pico got to stay at Che Shipman until the white blood cell count comes down. The good news is that as of Sunday morning, Pico was eating and his temperature was down. Cross fingers and toes that he will make a speedy recovery.

The plan for Sunday was to let Alaina and Ivy ride Jody and Romeo at Cheval Lake before going to the GCC/ODS year end party (rescheduled at Uncle Buck’s at Bass Pro Shop). But Ivy was feeling under the weather and with Pico in hospital, we skipped riding in the blustery morning. We had a lovely time with our dressage friends. Ruthie received the Jaime Memorial award and Marilyn won the 4H/Pony Club award winner sponsored by Patty C. Alaina and Sunny won champion Jr. (12 and under) Intro level, Ivy and Pico won champion Jr. (12 and under) Training level, and Pico and I won Armature First Level so we all received fabulous fleece jackets with GCC/ODS logo. Way cool. Next year, Ivy and Pico will move up a level and I will show Sister. Perhaps Alaina will show Diez once again. I can’t wait.  Meanwhile, the Will Rogers Classic is NEXT weekend and we are NOT ready....  FSCWTE, HCWEH

Texting Key For Horse Women - expanded list coming for future Blog
ET - Equine Therapy
FSCWTE - First Show Comes Way To Early
GVBF - Got Vet Bill, Fainted
HCWEH - Horses Covered With Excessive Hair
HIRD - Horse In Respiratory Distress
IVBHHA - Imagine Vet Bill, Have Heart Attack.  
LAL - Lunch After Lesson
OOM – Out of Money
SPL – Saturday Party Lesson

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