Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard Report

News Flash! I hate snow.
It interferes with riding and trailering the equine partners is impossible if your trailer has 6 foot snow drifts all over the wheel wells. After the last weekend in January had temperatures in the 70's, the forecast snowfall didn't seem possible.... but record snowfall and excessively low temperatures came anyway. The snow started Monday evening and the temperatures started to fall Tuesday. By the time the snow stopped Wednesday morning, there was 20 inches in Claremore and high winds making huge drifts all over the county. Lows dipped below 0 all week and hit -5 degrees on the coldest night - daytime highs were below 10 degrees - pretty cold for a Florida girl.
Sunny and Splash in the open barns had heat lamps as well as winter blankets and the other 3 had blankets in the main barn. Steve hauled hot water several times a day and moved a lot of snow. Then, to add insult to injury, we got an additional 4 inches of snow on Friday. Roads in our area were dangerous until the temperatures finally got to 40 and major melting started on Sunday. The bad news is that more snow is forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday - 5 to 10 inches. Let’s hope that storm misses us and that spring comes soon.

Exept for Tuesday and Friday when snow was falling, we let everyone out of the barns (except Sunny) and I tried to get some good snow pictures.  I got a couple so now I am ready for daffodiles and spring rides with my YaYa's....

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