Monday, February 14, 2011

No-Ride February

So far. Two record breaking snow storms two weeks in a row plus a little bonus snow in between has prevented riding. Storm number 2 came in Tuesday night and dumped an additional foot of snow on the Wild O Ranch...  And, -18 degrees (that is MINUS) was recorded on the WOR weather station.  Uncivilized.

And I am in dire need of equine therapy. Cross all fingers and toes for a lesson on Sat.... and lunch with horsey friends.

Meanwhile, Sunny has been on stall rest to allow his injury (mysteriously acquired) time to heal. I am loosing hope for recovery in time for the Will Rogers Classic. We have been wrapping his foot every 2 or 3 days for 3 weeks and it is finally starting to look a bit better. He is really ready to GET OUT.

The girls competed at the 4-H State Horse Communication Contest in Stillwater over the weekend and came away with 2nd place in Horse Quiz Bowl and red ribbons in Team Problem Solving and their power point presentations. Ivy discussed Dressage and Alaina talked about Gymkhana and other games on horseback (including Pato originally played with a duck in a basket rather than a ball). The kids had a good time and we had dinner at Eskimo Joe's before we came back to Claremore.

Sure have missed my YaYa Sisters so let’s ride the range soon.

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