Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Day / Bad Day / Good Day

Good Day - Saturday morning we scored the 9 and 10 am lesson times so headed to Inola early.  The girls rode the 9 am slot and both Alaina and Ivy had good lessons on their mounts.  Sunny had some nice slow canters and Alaina worked on bringing him onto the bit without the head toss (using timing at the point in the canter when his front end was lowest) to give a half halt.  Ivy worked to use more leg and less hand to bring Pico onto the bit.  Pico didn't spook in the indoor arena for a change.... 

Kathy B on Call, Marsha on Dakota, and me on Splash started the 10 o'clock lesson.  We all did stretching exercises to warm up and then worked on trot and walk transitions.  Splash was sound both ways with only a little unevenness in the corner when going clockwise for a couple of seconds.  Yippeee!  Splash was feeling so good, he was obnoxious.  Lounging would help but Dr. Ennis says NO Lounging.  We didn't push and quit after just 20 minutes.  So, I switched my saddle and bridle to Pico and finished the lesson on him.  With only one little spook, we had a great 1/2 lesson doing circles and leg yields.  Canter work was nice too.  Kathy and Call were looking really good now that Call is sound again and Marsha and Dakota had some nice work with Dakota learning to give to the bit.  Are we ready to show at Rocking C next weekend? Kathy and Marsha, for sure - Splash and me, we will have to see.  After cooling the horses, we headed to Siloam Springs for lunch.. hehe .. we went to Graham's but dilly dallied so long that Larry thought we had been to Arkansas and back.

Later, that same day, I gave Diez a bath with some special horse soap made by my long lost friend Cathy VW - found by Trisha on FB.  She lives in Tallahassee, Florida and raises goats and horses.  It was wonderful stuff and I need to find a way to get more.  Diez looked lovely and her hair coat felt so soft.

Bad Day - Sunday morning I planned to take Pico and Sunny to Rita's place to video Shannean's OSU team audition.  Gave Pico a rinse and went to the stall to grab Sunny.  Crisis!  Sunny had ripped his nostril more than an inch deep.  I called Dr. S and made arrangements to get him stitched up by Dr. Round.  Meanwhile, I dropped Pico and Diez at Rita's so that the show could go on.  Cindy H, in town for a quick visit, came out to Rita's to visit Prince and got a royal Nip on the arm.  It was a love nip Cindy and he didn't mean it.... really!

Good Day - Shannean rode Jurgen (Friesian) in a dressage test, Pico (Arab cross since he was good) for transitions and jumping small jumps and Winston (Tenn Walker) for some more jumping.  I got back from the vet clinic just in time to watch Alaina ride Winston.  Now, she wants more Arabians, a Friesian, and a TW in her herd.  After I got Sunny back home in a stall with a fan going, Pico back in the pasture, and Diez back in her turnout, I headed back to Rita's to work on the DVD for OSU.  On the disk we put 6 minutes of Jurgen, 4 minutes of Pico and a couple minutes of Winston and about 15 still photos including a couple with Shannean riding Silka with Prince running along side.   Soooo cute.

Even though it has been way to hot to ride in the evening the last few weeks, the yaya's have a pot luck planned for Wed. night.  That will be way fun!

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