Sunday, July 25, 2010

He's a Prince

After spending the week in Kansas (I've been there so often I was "Guest of the Week), I took Splash to Patty's on Friday to try a ride.  It's been 2 weeks since his adjustment and we have been applying the Horse Butt Crunch as directed.

Verdict?  Splash is still off but is some better.  So, let cross fingers for a full recovery.  I just happened to have Pico in the trailer so I rode him for a short lesson after working Splash a bit a walk and trot (along the long sides).  Pico was spooky near the overhead door on the north side but we worked anyway - on shoulder-in and haunches-in at the trot with 10 m circles to introduce the moves.  Except for one canter depart on the wrong lead, we had some nice canter work on spiral circles in and out.

Saturday - Marsha, Patty and I carpooled to the Ida Anderson seminar (Upgrading your Judging Eye 1) sponsored by ODS at Freddie's in Sapulpa.  We spent the day listening to lecture, practicing judging tests and (of course) eating a great lunch.

The good news is that Splash would not be excused from a dressage test since he is only off in one direction.  So, I will see if Dr. Ennis thinks I can show walk/trot classes at the next show scheduled for Aug. 7 at the Rocking C.

We discussed the definition change of marks 5 and 6 - Sufficient is now 6 - as well as expanding the vocabulary for use on the 50 tests a judge would complete during a normal show day.  The tradition of making a remark on good and bad points in the big box - but NO directives and never call the horse CUTE.  So "well matched pair" is good - "nice pair" is too vanilla.  Words to use include "wishing for...." and "unfortunate break of gait or irregularity or whatever" to explain the lower mark for an otherwise nice movement.  Save use of resistance/disobedient for bucking, kicking, snaking neck, and running backwards.  

For Intro tests, "on the bit" is not required so can be rewarded but, when not done consistently, might bring score down.  Training level is scored 1/3 for "on the bit" 1/3 for geometry and 1/3 for regularity.  We reviewed the Dressage Training Scale. - from Rhythm - Suppleness - Contact - Impulsion - Straightening - to Collection; and how development of the horse starts with working trot (angle of energy 5 or 10 degrees above horizontal culminating in piaffe with the angle of energy at the vertical.  Unless the horse is 3-legged lame, use "inconsistant" or "irregular".... "today"...  Overall - an interesting view from the other side of the dressage test (in the box).

Sunday included a trip to Rita's to visit Prince and a stop at Mallory's new place to check out the arena.  Prince is getting much bigger and more beautiful every time I see him.  He is a people friendly baby and will make a great horse when he grows up.  Here's hoping for a yaya ride this week - maybe Thursday evening?  Please???


  1. Prince is very handsome, and twin (Ivy??) is getting so tall! Miss you!

  2. Hope all is well and that you will be here soon... Prince is a cutie pie but Alaina is the tall twin.. xxxooo c