Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 - Summer End

The girls started school last week on Thursday and it must have been tough after the long, hot summer.  Alaina wore out during her lesson with Dawn D on Friday evening but practiced some trail before that happened.  Patty was off in NC visiting Clayton before deployement, so there was no Sat. Party Lesson.  But the girls and I got up early and rode at the Wild O Ranch.  Ivy jumped Pico bareback and Alaina played on Diez.  Splash and I worked a little trot/walk/trot transitions and did some long trotting.  Our arena was pretty solid and so was Splash.  No canter yet since I don't want to rush things.

I worked Splash again on Monday evening in the last (hopefully) blast of summer heat.  He was showing some attitude but I was using the GNS to make sure he didn't give me that head shake thing since lounging is still out.  I am trying to minimize sharp turns and taking it easy bringing Splash back into training.

No lesson for me on Sat. since I signed up for the OSU Horse Owners Symposium in Stillwater.  Cross fingers for a lesson on Labor Day weekend.  My yaya's are planning a ride this Thursday since high temps are predicted in the 80's but I will be at a back to school night.  I will try to drop by for social hour.....  Cross fingers for lots of fall riding opportunities coming soon.

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