Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dressage at the Rocking C

The Remember September 11th Show at the Rocking C included 2 tribute rides - one for the heros of 9-11 and the other for our military.  Patty rode Dante and Marilyn rode Willy and a moment of silence was observed.  See some great photos at the OSD/GCC website (Jeanie's Photos)

I had our earliest ride time at 8:45 for my First-1 test on Pico and we scored a 63 along with high-point.  Ivy and Ruthie both rode Pico in training level tests in the morning - Pico was a good boy - we were finished riding him before the dreaded Pirates started warming up for the drill exhibition.  Ivy recieved 2 red ribbons and Ruthie had 7's for impulsion and gaits!  After lunch, Alaina rode Sunny in both Intro tests - she really did well and they recieved their best scores to date and 2-3rd place ribbons.  It is hard to ride that western pony since Sunny has taken all the recent training in SLOW to heart.  I didn't ride Splash because after a couple of weeks of sound work (very light work), he was off again on Labor Day. 

Christiana and Zoe escaped the dance frenzy and got to ride at the show - both were awsome with at least 2 blue ribbons to show.  Christiana rode both Oreo and Arde - Arde is coming along looking more steady and Oreo had a wonderful first show.  Kathy and Call had good rides too - taking Ameture Training Level High-Point.  Marsha got judges comments for Lakota that included gushing praise for trot-work.  Shannean and Jurgen recieved a blue ribbon for the walk/trot equitation class and Jessie looked great on Denali in their coordinating pad, shirt and horse-hat.

The Rogers County Fair is next weekend - we will work the speed events on Thursday evening, then show Sat. morning (10am) halter/showmanship; Sat. afternoon (2:00pm) horse show; Sun. morning (noon) fun show; and will help with Cloverbuds Sun. afternoon (2:00pm).  So, come and join us.  There will be an adult ride night on Tuesday evening.  With 4-H on Monday night and fair entries due on Wed., every night is booked up.  The fair will be fun but I sure hope YaYa's can get together next week and that the weather will continue to be cool.

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