Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Week of Summer

I didn't ride my horse last week.  But I did get to sweat at a horse show.  The temperatures were in triple digits all week and I just didn't have the intestinal fortitude.  But, I did get to eat and socialize with my friends at El Azteca Wed night even if it was to hot to ride.  Friday morning I took Sunny to Dr. S to remove those pesky nose stitches.  With a little sedation, we removed a few stitches but will wait until next Wed. to get the rest.

The girls had a 4-H show on Sat. and a birthday party on Friday night, so I washed horses for them while they partied.  We headed to Expo at 6:30 so that the show could start at 8am.  With heat advisories issued, we ran the show as fast as possible in the same mold as the July show.  We had a little trouble with the timer for speed events but were done by 2 even so.  Ivy and Pico won high point 9-11 English with firsts in Eq and jumping.  Alaina had some nice rides but Sunny had a few issues including having the curb chain repair break in Hunt Set Eq and a little break in gait in trail.

Sunday morning, I headed to Owasso to deliver Sister into Dawn D's capable hands - cross all fingers and toes that Sister and I will be a team to start work by Sept. 1.  Then, the girls and I visited Shannean and Nancy F for dinner and to see Shannean's horses Dee and Dakota.  Dee will be an elegant dressage horse some day and Dakota is growing nicely into those Appy spots.  Dinner was my first taste of Indian Tacos and Corn Soup - both DElicious!  Thanks Nancy!

The girls go back to school this coming Thursday and I hope that means that temperatures will be cooling and we will be riding at Rita's soon.  YaYa!

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