Sunday, September 13, 2009

Splash and Stuff

I will start with the good stuff - Splash and our lesson yesterday. I worked without the famous German Neck Stretcher and Splash was fairly responsive - for him. And, compared to his performance at the show last week, he was lovely. We worked on walk/trot transitions and then some canter/circle work. Splash tends to come above the bit both up and down but improved during the lesson. Our circles tend to be unbalanced and cut in but because Splash wants to stop constantly, we have lots of work keeping the canter; transitions from straight to circle keeping the canter is difficult too. But, all our leads were correct - which was a first.
Then we worked on leg yields from C to B/E followed by a turn on the forehand. Both directions, Splash was very resistant the first time but then did several lovely turns promply and without resistance. Lesson over on a good note.
Now the bad stuff - Ivy broke both forearm bones Friday evening, but refused to admit to much pain until Sat. morning when the swelling was really hurting her. So, we headed to St. John/Owasso to check and hoped for a sprain. Steve posted the xray on the As the world Turns blog - but both the ulna and radius have buckles along one side. St. John put a temp splint on her right arm and we are referred to an orthopedic for the real cast. Although painful enough, Ivy is really upset about the likelyhood that she will not be able to ride in the Rogers Co Fair (the last 4-H point show) or the Tulsa State Fair or the rest of the Dressage shows for the year. We will ask the Doc if riding is permissable - cross fingers, but for sure, there won't be any halter or showmanship since Splash is very pushy and a right arm is really needed. Oh, the injury is not horse related - there was a 3-kid pileup at the round bale when Ivy, Alaina, and Riley were racing; Ivy was 2nd and trying to pull a Michael Phelps win by reaching over Riley at the finish - Alaina was in hot pursuit.
So, cross fingers for rain to stop and yaya's to be go.

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  1. Donna's first broken arm involved both the radia and the ulna. She was able to ride after the first week or two. Can't remember the exact time but it wasn't too long. Couldn't use the hand for a while so it had to be Western.

    They weren't able to cast the second broken arm as the break was just below the growth plate on the upper arm. There was a longer delay on getting back to riding with that one, needless to say. It's a miracle it healed right - caught her climbing up on the trailer with her good arm within the first week. She couldn't understand why I had a fit.

    Good healing thoughts heading Ivy's way.