Saturday, September 26, 2009

GCC Ed. Program- Tai Chi for Equestrians!!!

Howdy all you sista's! Today was the Tai Chi program for equestrians at Kay Kamish's lovely Rivendell Farm. First Kay explained to us the basic concepts of mind and body control and finding your center. SO that we can join with the horses' center! Tension is as we all know, a no-no!
Then we did ground exercises which I found very beneficial. We learned how to breath letting our stomachs get soft and breath deeper into the abdomen(well not really but you let your center of gravity fall this low...) Then we learned how to stand and meditate and step side to side without leaning to keep our balance. We did single iron arm stretches and lifting/pressing exercises with our breathing. This last part can be very beneficial to helping one sit the trot as it helps get that center lower and channel it's power. Some hip circles and bending with an arch then rolling the back finished off our ground exercises. Next were some partnered exercises which we mostly opted not to do in lieu of taking a short break before watching Jennifer demonstrate Tai Chi on horseback which you see up top. Then Shannean rode Finnegan to demonstrate how we can easily learn Tai Chi to help us allow the horse to perform.

If you missed this program, we missed you! Still an enjoyable, educational, fun day was had by all as we soaked up some early fall sun. Laughter was included, free of charge.

Hope to see you all again soon! Marsha

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  1. Thanks for the TaiChi Report Marsha, wish I could have been there. Sounds like TaiChi would complement Zumba and I should try the next clinic. CUsoon. c