Monday, September 28, 2009

Deezie Update and the Tulsa State Fair

Hello my YaYa Sista's! My Kansas travel schedule has really kept my yaya rides limited this past summer but I keep hoping for good riding weather at the same time as my riding availabity.

Meanwhile, after several months of founder-recovery, Diez has been calling from the round pen for attention and moving around pretty well. So, Sunday afternoon, Alaina rode her at a walk around the arena and over some cavaletti poles for 10 or 15 minutes. Diez seemed to enjoy her outing and Alaina was happy even without trot or canter. Later this week, we will visit Doc Shipman for a laminitis checkup. I hope her reversed shoes will have done the trick and that Dr. S will release her for some more riding workouts.

The girls rode in the Tulsa State Fair Horseshow on Sat. so Splash and I didn't get our party lesson at Patty's. But Shannean rode Splash in both western and english classes - even placing 8th in Hunter Under Saddle - very impressive. However, Hunt Seat Eq didn't have the required canter - surprise-surprise. Ivy rode Pico well with her cast but the Judge didn't look twice at the arab cross with correct canter leads. Alaina and Sunny got placed in Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Eq, and Wst. Pleasure even with a couple of incorrect leads. Sunny's (OSU Taris Two Grand) half-bro Charlie (OSU Triple My Check) was there with Madison from Ponca City and it is always fun to have the palomino girls riding together. Charlie used to be Amanda B's mount in 4-H back in the day. We also got to see Ruthie and Istari and hang with Jean.
I worked Splash a little on Sunday afternoon, a little leg yielding and some turns on 4hand and haunches. Leftover puddles from last weeks 4-in rain hampered canter work. Ruthie dropped by and worked Pico, who was VERY good. Now, if we can get just plain Good at the next dressage show, Ruthie will be sitting pretty.
Looks like I will miss the ride this Wed. (Ks again) and that Patty will be at a clinic this weekend (so no party lesson) but I will work Splash SOMETIME.. So, until we ride again..... YaYa

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