Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fair Report

Ah, the 2009 County Fair was here and we survived. Ivy got to ride some classes even with her right arm in a cast.
She got buckle fractures in both bones a week ago racing with the neighbor kids and her sister. Her doctor gave the OK for riding - I said NO jumping, speed or halter/showmanship.
Both girls had some good rides - most impressive were their 3rd and 4th placings in trail and Ivy's 1st place in Hunt Seat Eq. Shannean rode Splash and had some good moments.
He was not so good in the pattern classes - being very resistant to prompt canter transitions.
The fair ended with the fun show and cloverbud show today and it's a good thing - I was getting tired.

At the fun show on Sunday, the kids did the Magazine Relay, Water Cup Relay, Tennis Ball relay, and TP races; in the TP race, Alaina and Ivy rode their horses around the barrel holding a length of TP between them without breaking.

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