Saturday, September 19, 2009

GCC Sept Show at Wind Valley 9/19

Well it was a wonderful day at the GCC schooling show at Wind Valley! If I could have gone to both it and the fair, I would have but Ms Tender Lil had banged up her left hind leg kicking through the fence at another mare at home so we counted it good to make it to one show today! And what a show it was! Mild temps, good scores, good company, beautiful horses! You just cannot beat that! Patty had good looking rides on Silka and Denise and Jurgen were looking fantastic as well. A rider error or two and a sore left hind leg may have cost Lil and I our ever illusive score of 60 in T4 but our walk scores have improved and we even got a 7 for our FXH change rein working trot! The judge put straight and active! WooHoo! Hope all went well at the fair, sorry we missed it but we may come out for cloverbuds show tomorrow.

Until next time, happy trails to all!

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  1. Thanks for posting - wish I could have been there! I planned on riding at the County Fair but..... forces conspired against me. Shannean rode Splash and the girls rode their horses for a fun time.