Sunday, June 28, 2009

To Hot to Show

Finally, a cool front came through and we got a break from the roasting temps and high humidities today. The dressage show scheduled for Sat. was cancelled because of the hi temp warnings that were issued all week - we were at 101-103 with about 50 % humidity and no wind to help - putting us in the caution zone of heat management for horses. With minimal shade the show could have been dangerous for riders as well as horses. So, Carol/Shiloe, Marsha/Lil, and me/Splash had an 8:30 lesson on Sat. morning so we could get back home before things heated up to much. Shiloe was looking fine and Lil looked good too. I used both the famous German Neck Stretcher and my BIG spurs. The spurs are not sharpe but have balls that roll. The heat made Splash sluggier than usual and my spurs wore the hair off - I will have to try the Prince of Wales spurs instead next time.

We worked on sitting trot with out stirrups for at least an hour.... ok, if felt like an hour but was 6 or 8 min. Splash worked pretty well at the trot for the most part. Then, we worked on canter transitions by circling in the end and picking up canter for a circle of two and then change reign and trot at X and picking up the canter again and circling a time or two and changing reign again. Splash still has trouble with right lead canter and a little leg yeild to the left and asking for canter in the corner helps. Splash had a huge stumble but we didnt' fall when we were almost finished. The heat really makes Splash more slug-like than usual but the neck stretcher really helps with that.

Marsha's neice Gabby was visiting so we met at Goldies in Claremore after we dropped the horses off in their respective pastures. Ran into the Hayes clan so with Kathy B, we had 4 tables together for lunch. Then, Gabby, Marsha, the girls and I roamed Attwoods and snacked on gummy worms at the picnic table near swimming supplies. Very relaxing. Hope the relative cool stays here for a while and that we are all back in the saddle soon. yaya

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