Sunday, June 7, 2009

St. Jude Trail Ride

After having to reschedule a couple of times because of rain this spring, the Rogers County 4-H horse club held the annual St. Jude trailride at the Underwood Ranch in Collinsville today. So far, we raised over $900 - Thanks to everyone!

The ride was over lovely rolling pasture as well as up and down a few hills and through several dry creek beds. Lovely and green even though, after weeks of RAIN! we now need some more.

We had a good turnout of about 25 riders and had several horse breeds represented; including a Belgian mare, several Tenn. Walkers, Appaloosas, Walk-a-Loosas, Quarter Horses, Paints, Palominos and a Cremello! A beautiful mix.

My dressage friends were busy at the Summer Dressage Camp, so we didn't have any lessons, but the girls worked their horses Friday and Saturday in the Wild Orban Arena.Ivy is making progress on her jumping and Alaina is really making Sunny look good at his jog. Ruthie was coming out to work Pico on Sunday while we were gone with Sunny, Splash, and Diez to the trail ride - but I forgot that all my tack, including Pico's bridle, are in the trailer with me. So sorry Ruthie, I will try to make it up to you.

Hope to ride a bunch this week again and yaya at Rita's on Thursday night - although we have the Green Country Classic coming up next weekend. YAYA!

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  1. Cathy,
    Ivy is looking so good on Pico! Alaina does well with whomever she rides, too! You've got to be proud of how well they did yesterday.
    AND $900 raised, that's great! Sure enjoyed the ride, can't wait to go again.