Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday YaYa's and other horse stuff

Lots of horse stuff the last week starting with a birthday yaya ride at Rita's on Thursday evening. Birthday girls Judy and Marion are getting better and better....
Friday morning, Rita gave Ivy and Alaina a riding lesson focused on English position and jumping. Then, we raced home to have Abby, Fletcher and Isabella (granddaughters of Ivy and Alaina's teachers), get a close up visit with some horses. TC was good as was Diez. But... Splash forgot that his feather weight rider was aboard and dropped and rolled with Fletcher - she scrambled out of the way, but was done for the day.

Then Sat. morning... another lesson for both the girls and me. Ivy and Alaina got the 10 am at Patty's and worked on transitions, position, caveletties and JUMPING (for Ivy). Both girls are practicing for the State horse show. Then, the 11Oclock lesson for me and Splash, Carol and Shiloh, Denise and Dee, Kathy and Call, and Marsha and Lil. Call started bucking before Kathy was properly mounted which was a rough start for Kathy's lesson. But, Kathy sucked it up and rode with us for the lesson. I resorted to DER German neck stretcher and Splash was good at the trot and had adequate walk/trot transitions. Of course, his best transitions are to the STOP! Canter transitions were not great and we lost the canter once or twice. But, Splash took the right lead canter both times which is a real improvement since that has been his difficult lead. Leg yielding to the left and then asking for right lead canter is helping. As usual, Splash wore me out before the lesson was done but he seemed to be running out of gas too and it was a humid day.

Then, no time for lunch but off to see Zoe dance at her annual recital. Zoe is quite a dancer and the girls and I were impressed.

Sunday was spent working concessions for the Chris Cox horsemanship seminar. The girls worked from 8:30ato 2:00p and then watched CC ride his highly trained horse. Alaina as very taken with a headstall - so that when they offered a dance contest for one, she was out in the arena doing the 'gator. Who knew my shy girl would do such a thing. Ivy joined her, but they chose a cowboy dancing a jig - it must have been rigged.... The girls suggested the I might have won if I had done a little zumba! but, the beat was wrong.
Finished the weekend de-worming the gang and Ivy got stepped on by big doof Slash. She will survive! We ride at Rita's on Wed this week and I can hardly wait! Yaya!

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