Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Weekend Fun

Extreme weather swings is better than extreme mood swings! Although not as hot as last week, it was plenty hot and muggy coming into the 4th weekend. I spent the first part of the week in Kansas (and had company with me in my friend Kathy C). Got home in time for a birthday party orchestrated by Steve and the girls. Everyone should have cinnamon rolls for their birthday cake. mmm! But I missed our yaya ride on Thursday night.

Then, Friday was a holiday from work but Patty and Larry were off to FLA to visit Clayton. So, the girls got a lesson with Rita in the less hot morning while I worked Slash. Since the girls were working TC and Diez (english bridles) in preparation of the next dressage show scheduled for the Rocking C the weekend of the 18/19. And, with one english bridle is at Benefields for repair and the other is hanging in the Korver trailer - so what to do? I used Sunny's low leverage western bridle to work the Splashy boy and it was a good ride. The extra leverage worked a little like the neck stretcher and I got some really forward/on-the-bit "moments." With the heat, I have a bit of trouble moving Splash out and have pulled out the spurs we had retired mid-winter. But, without his heavy winter coat, Splash has tender skin and even when I try to moderate spur use, it is removing hair. If Splash would just move out........

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur. Up to Steve's Dad's in Nowata for the annual Family Do and then home after the fireworks. The day started with a downpour and then sultry conditions lead to a storm brewing just as we were headed for the house. We drove through a downpour from Oolagah to north of Claremore. Then home and getting the horses fed before the deluge. But, we scrambled and the storm evaporated with just a lot of rumbling and a few sprinkles. Sister was happy about that since she is living in the round pen... Hope to yaya this week and we have a ride night schedule too. And, perhaps, hay hauling as well. Ahhh, horses.....

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