Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sister News!

We CANTERED!  I stopped by Verdigris Springs after work today (i.e., Mallory's beautiful place is not yet officially named - so I will try out a few possibilities).  After bushing, saddling and cleaning hooves, we headed up the hill to the big arena to lounge and do some walk and trot and transitions work.  And a bit of ground tie - not perfect out in the much bigger area.  The footing is deeper than in the round pen so we didn't over do.

THEN!  We rode down the hill to the round pen and with brief preliminary trotting, I asked for canter / right lead, her good side.  Sister picked up a canter and I DIDN'T FALL OFF.  She didn't kick out.  We went around the pen about 3 times and then I asked for trot and got it.  I don't think she was thrilled, but I am.

We cantered 2 more times and our departs were not prompt (the last took most of the way around).  Polished?  Not.  But, no kick outs and no BAD behavior.  She was fussy with her head and expressive with her ears.  But, the progress since Oct. 1 is amazing. 

So, we will go to Patty's on Friday and make a plan for the Nov. 6 show.  YaYa!

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