Sunday, October 10, 2010

ODS/GCC Jr. Dressage Camp & Sunny's Little Sister

First, the camp!  We checked in Friday evening and, after meeting the other campers, settling the horses and sharing Pizza, we had a presentation by a local equine chiropractor (Matt P). Bullseye got adjusted and then Pico got evaluated. Dr. P discovered that Pico was out of alignment at the Pole and Jaw. Pico cooperated by licking his lips after each adjustment -perhaps his long standing bitting problems are related to jaw or pole pain. Sargent Cheryl was serious about lights out at 10:10, so it was an early night.

Saturday morning, everyone was up before 7am and horses fed/watered/hayed before the kids got breakfast. Then at 9, 10, and 11, the kids rotated through Riding by Feel with Cheryl W (the kids learned their natural posting side), dressage with Denise L, and Prix Caprilli with Nicole W. Ivy and Alaina were in a group with Zoe and Jaden; Alaina and Sunny did their very first cross bars! After lunch of delicious HOME MADE soup and HOME MADE stew and HOME MADE BROWNIES, the kids got a scribbing lesson and got to practice on a "slow" horse (Shannean on Jurgen) and "fast" horse (Emily on Shadow). Scribbing is harder than it looks!

Next, the whole crew, including Cynthia on Ahab minus Ivy, went on a trail ride while Marsha, Nancy, and I relaxed and watched Ivy jump the jumps without a horse (she doesn't try Pico on the trail). After a yummy spagetti dinner made by Catherine and equine care duties complete, we had a saddle fitting presentation by Marty H. The girls learned about re-stuffing, leather making, and got to sit in a Sommer Saddle. Kathy B brought crafting supplies and the kids made their thank-you notes for the sponsors.  Lights out by 9:30, but giggling continued for some time.

Sunday morning and the horse care drill before breakfast complete, the kids got to play mounted horse games.  Games on Horseback for groups of six riders was pretty entertaining.  Then the campers learned about pilaties for riders presented by Cynthia after a intro video.  They all practiced pilaties on the floor before lunch.  After lunch, everyone rode the dressage test of their choice for scores from Denise, discussion and then a do-over to apply the comments.  The "dressage show" started at 1:30 with Alaina and Sunny riding Training Level Test 1 followed by Ivy with T-2 and then the rest of the gang.  Shannean rode Jugen in First Level Test 4 as did Marilyn and Willie.  The kids rotated in and out of the box to practiced their scribbing.  Tests and ribbons were presented at 5pm - all the kids did well.  Ivy and Pico were high point dressage score. 

Loaded and headed to the house by 6pm.  Woo Hoo, what a great event.  Many thanks to Cynthia, Cheryl, Denise, Nicole, and John and Judy Dix and all the GCC board members.  Prairie Lane was a wonderful venue for the kids and horses.  Cynthia went above and beyond staying in the apartment with giggling girls 2 nights in a row - one on an air mattress.  Wonderful weekend - Thanks to everyone.

Now the Sister Update - After a couple of weeks off since bringing her home from Dawn D's, I took her to Mallory's place on Oct. 1.  After settling her in a stall for a quarter hour or so, we groomed, saddled, and headed to the round pen.  Christian B worked her on the lounge line in the round pen - she was good.  So, he mounted and worked walk/trot/canter - she was good.  So I mounted and rode a walk and a little trot - she was good.  But I wasn't pretty - no way for my tense body to sit the trot.  But she was good. 

After the Jr Camp weekend, I took Splash and Pico to Patty's on Monday so didn't get back to Mallory's until Tuesday.  We groomed, tacked, and headed back to the round pen.  Christian lounged and worked walk/trot/canter and she was VERY GOOD.  Then I rode walk/trot and we were better.  I sat the trot some and had a couple of discussions with the very expressive mare.  But she was good.

Wednesday, back a Mallory's and I did the lounging this time and Christian rode a bit of walk and trot before I mounted and did the same.  Our trot was better.  I posted some and Sister was GOOD. 

Thursday afternoon and I groomed/tacked/lounged/rode walk/trot with Christian watching over.  Sister was good.  So, I rode at a walk out of the round pen, across the pasture to the arena on the hill.  We walked turned, stopped, backed, walked....and then walked back to the round pen.  Sister was so good we let Ivy and Alaina ride her in the round pen at walk and trot.  Sister was VERY GOOD.  Thanks to Christian and Mallory, we are making progress.

New goal - ride Sister in a walk-trot test at the Nov. 6 dressage schooling show.  YaYA!

We headed to Patty's on Friday afternoon for a lesson and I rode Splash for part of the lesson - he has been sound but still resistant to canter departs on right lead. So, we will continue light riding and see if we can build up his strength.

Saturday, the girls and I went early to the schooling show at Aberdeen Stables.  The girls had very good rides and Alaina rode Intro-B and T-1 - her first training level test with Sunny - the camp gave her confidence and she was pretty forward (for Sunny). Ivy and Pico had a couple of really good scores at TL-2 and TL4. Ruthie rode Pico in T-4 for a Jr. HiPoint score.  I rode Pico for a couple of First level tests - I didn't fall off but they were not my best rides.  I was stiff and didn't sit the trot well but I guess we will just keep working on that. 

Later that day we worked as balloon setters for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting at the Tulsa State Fair from 4 to 10:30pm.  Hard work but we did get to see the Texas Thunder again and the kids got a ride in the wagon after the presentation.  And!  I got to see Rita and Winston on duty - they looked GREAT!.

Today I took the girls and Diez and Pico over to Mallory's and the girls rode with Roxanne around the field and edge of the woods while I worked Sister.  I saddled Sister with my dressage saddle and used a dressage bridle - Sister looks good in black leather!  We worked walk and trot in the round pen.  Sister was good.  Now that my week off work is over, I will need to rider as often as possible to continue with progress.  Cross all fingers and toes. 

October means we have several more yaya birthdays.  We already missed Kathy B (Oct. 1) and Sherry B (October 9) - Marsha's is coming on October 24th.  So, we need to have a yaya gathering soon.

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