Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sister's Canter Progress

No, not with me. Christian has been cantering Sister for a couple of weeks working on that pesky kick-out. She seems to be better on the right lead and has made progress on the lounge line. Not to worry - she does express herself.

I was in Kansas last week but took Friday off for the girls' fall break. I started my morning at Mallory's to work Sister. After lounging and some round pen work, we moved up to the arena. We trotted straight lines (but not along the rail) to work on staightness w/o the help of a solid boundary on one side. Then we finished with very slight bend to the inside for a suggestion of shoulder in. Sister was a good girl and we dismounted before going back to the barn.

Saturday was the Honey-Do Dressage Schooling show. We were looking forward to a costume class and planned to take Diez along for the Indian pony part. But, the costume class was cancelled - saving me lots of work. Also, it was cold and rainy most of the day so there were several storm delays but the barns are large and the covered arena provided covered warm-up for most of the tests. Alaina and Sunny rode Intro A (57.5/3rd) and B (63.5/1st) earning highpoint jr Intro; Sunny was moving out more at the trot and sometimes at the working walk but the judge found his free walk toooooo slow. Ivy and Pico did Training 2 (64.286/1st) and Training (59.60/2nd) receiving an 8 for one of her trot circles but needs to work on immobilizing the halt and the "chewy circle." Pico found the runner in the bright yellow slicker VERY SCARY! Ivy and I had about 15 minutes between our rides to after change of saddles, I warmed Pico up with slow sitting trot and walking around while the crew extended the arena - my mission was to keep him calm. Then we rode First 1 and scored 56.000/1st receiving 7s for medium walk and walk transition as well as extended trot. We need more stretch at free walk and the "chewy circle."

After the blustery rain on Saturday, the weather was lovely on Sunday so the girls and I headed to Mallory's to work Sister and to Play. Lounge work and ground tie practice complete, we worked on walk and trot (sitting and posting), transitions, and finished up with haunches in exercises to prepare for canter. C is very good explaining the why as well as the how for the exercises to help build my confidence. Ivy lurked nearby and wanted a chance to canter. So, we shortened the stirrups and Ivy mounted. After a few minutes of trot to the right, C explained preparation and cue for canter and they did it - without the pesky kick-out. After a couple of laps, they transitioned to trot. Then repeated 2 more times - the third canter was lovely and Ivy was grinning when they finished. She is especially pleased that she cantered before me. But, I am ok with it.

I need to canter so that my fear of being out of control will be tempered with knowledge that I can handle the canter. I am making good progress at trot, walk, and ground work but to be really confident in a large area I need to feel in control at all gaits. So, work continues! Yaya!

PS - Happy Birthday Marsha! Hope you had a wonderful BirthDAY.

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