Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Last of the Fast – The NEW me

OK, I am hooked. I am the newest TWH convert. Since my last post about my first CANTER on Sister, I have discovered a need for speed. But not on my trusty Appy mount (who takes the Slow Mantra into STOP mode), or my latest AQHA project (with the reflexes of a large cat), but on one of Rita’s stellar examples of the famous Tennessee Walking Horse. Now we all know why she, Nancy, and Sherry all have more than ONE.

Sister and I followed up on our canter work last Wed. afternoon with a lesson at Patty’s on Friday. After a good warm up on the lounge line (Sister was very sensible and responsive to voice), I mounted and rode with Mallory and Raffles. We worked leg-yields in and out of the circle, followed by cavalletti and finished with leg-yields left and right from quarter line to the rail. Mallory worked on canter while I continued with walk/trot transitions. Sister was not the vision of harmony we strive for in dressage. But, she was really very good. A bit fussy with her head, and inconsistent in the bridle. I was thrilled with our progress and have signed up for Intro B at the show next weekend at Patty’s.

The girls had a 4-H Halloween Party on Saturday so we missed the ATRC schooling show. But, a YaYa ride/feast was planned for Sunday afternoon. Sherry and I trailered to Rita’s and I rode Splash in the arena to check his soundness. W/T/C was great to the left and almost good to the right. Rita had Winston tacked up and ready to go when his rider cancelled. So, I left Splash in the stall eating hay (his idea of heaven since there no movement except for the jaw) and I got acquainted with Winston in the arena. Boy can you FEEL that walk! But, the running walk is HEAVEN. I skipped the canter trial until next time and 10 of us headed down the trail.

I had a great ride. Sherry on Jazz, Rita on Reese, and Alyson on Comet lead the way down the trail and we were right behind them – the last of the Fast Women. Judy and Navaho didn’t lag too far behind, but Kathy and Cisco were the trail block for the rest of the field (Marsha and Lakota, Charlene and Lil, Amanda and Lady, and Nancy on Wisdom).

That Walker gait is so smooth, I didn’t even need leg. And, Winston goes across the dips and around corners like a dream. I wonder if Steve would mind building me a new barn for my future herd of TWH? YaYa!

PS - Congrats to Kathy and Call for their exceptional scores at their last schooling show of the season!

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