Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23

Jaime's birthday is today.  Kale turned 21 on Thursday.  Two nephews graduated HS last week.  Two nieces are expecting late summer.  Good things still happen.  Sure miss my girl.

Only a little horsey news this week - lots of graduation and choir concert and birthday stuff but we did squeeze in a lesson Sat. morning.  Denise and Dee, Josey and Packer and the girls on Sunny and Pico got to ride.  They all had some good work.  Denise should pattent that saddle glue that she used when Dee spooks and whirls because all the horses were running wildy.  I saddled up to join but Splash is still off on the right hind end.  Fooey.  Guess I will have to vet him when we get a moment.

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  1. Great pic of Sunny and Jaime! I sure miss your girl too. Happy Birthday Jaime!