Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Good Ride and Other Events

It was Carol on Jetter and Splash and I for the Party lesson on Saturday morning. Alaina and Ivy rode at 10 since bad weather was expected in the afternoon. Light rain came and went early and then the sun came out around lunch. By the time we got back from Subway, a big storm was blowing up just to the south. We scurried around loading horses and headed to the house. Pounding rain started before we got to 88. Then – HAIL on Flint Road. Pea to marble sized pellets covered the road and riled the horses in the trailer. For about 5 minutes, we waited for the hail to stop and by the time it did, the road was white. Whew, enough excitement for me. Now, back to my horse story.
Carol and I had a great lesson, her back has been bothering her, but she did a good job with Jetter. Splash was a good boy too with only a few head tug objections toward the end of the lesson. We started off with stretching and warm up - arm circles, leg stretches, bicycle legs, and (ooowW) side leg lifts. Then trot work on a large circle at the “c” end of the arena. Splash was moving out nicely and we were fairly consistent. Then we worked on trot/walk transitions with a little leg yielding into corners. Not bad. On to canter, we worked on the large circle and Splash got correct leads both directions with only one break of gait during left lead canter. After years of trying to move both hands with canter movement, I tried to steady the inside hand and let the outside hand go with the movement – helped along by placing my hand on my thigh. We finished the lesson with leg yields at walk and then trot from quarter line and center line – using ‘steps’ so that Slash wouldn’t ‘fall’ out to the rail, i.e., a controlled leg yield. Good place to stop and it was time for lunch any way. Do I have to tell if I was using the German Neck Stretcher? OK, yes. But…. You may need to have an intervention – the neck stretcher is my FAVORITE! Now, about Friday….
I had Friday off and had scheduled Sister, Splash, and Pico for a 10am visit to Dr. S. for teeth floating, sheath cleaning (Splash/Pico), exam (Sister), and skin evaluation (Splash). All three had sharp hooks but none had any wolf teeth to remove. So, after loading Splash and Pico, we went off to Inola to retrieve Sister and I left all three at the vet barn for the appointments. No wolf teeth but Splash has sarcoids so we will try the XXTerra treatment – kind of pricy, but less than surgical removal.
Alaina had a Friday evening lesson with Dawn D and Sunny was very good – Alaina is working to slow him down by stopping and backing every time he speeds up. She and he are getting better. We will do an extra lesson with Patty next Thursday in prep for the District horse show next week.
Sunday was a lovely day and the girls and I cleaned out the trailer (an all day job when you take breaks to go to Attwood’s and wash winter blankets and dressage pads). The arena should be dry enough to ride tomorrow, so the girls can get some more practice in this week.
On the yaya front, Rita had an exciting week with the birth o Silka’s baby (Gallant Prince) and taking Jurgen to the show in Guthrie – we will want updates on both fronts.

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